Your Breadbowl Runeth Over

bread-bowl       bread-bowl1    bread-bowl2

If Domino’s insists on bombarding me with pictures of their unappetizing breadbowl, then I have no other choice than to air my grievances here – in this public forum, with my 7 regular readers.  My hand has been forced!

Domino’s did a horrible job of advertising this offering.  Instead of the breadbowl coming across as a delicious meal, they managed to inspire most viewers to cringe at the thought of having one placed at their table.  The commercial shows a breadbowl that has been previously constructed – focusing on the pasta that seems to have been freeze dried into place in the center of the breadbowl.  Given the public’s interest in fresh, wholesome food, it seems to me like they would have paid more attention to showcasing preparation – NOT focusing in on a shot of multiple breadbowls, sitting on a table looking like plastic food props.

NO ONE wants to imagine someone at Domino’s taking a frozen mass out of the freezer, that is then defrosted, then micro waved/baked to form into a lackluster, sodium drenched breadbowl. 

BUT, one may find it appetizing to see images of freshly baked bread, rising in the oven, alongside a delicious, piping hot pasta dish …followed by a shot of a ladle whisking the freshly made pasta into the freshly baked breadbowl. HELLO, this isn’t rocket science.  Show “fresh” ingredients, baking bread, piping hot, mouth watering creamy pasta – and you’re good to go…people would be in line, waiting for their breadbowl to runeth over.

DS Download:  Some ideas are great, and others are better left on the chopping block.  There are some things that just seem unnecessary, so before someone starts manufacturing hamburgers and hot dogs with buns that automatically inflate and condiments baked into the meat….or seats that are automatically attached to our behinds …I say, some things are better left untouched.

KFC’s new grilled chicken, on the other hand deserves a standing ovation.  You don’t get the sense that it’s a gimmick, you just get the sense that it’s finger licking good!


4 thoughts on “Your Breadbowl Runeth Over

  1. Oh come on…give em break! It’s DOMINOS! Not a Martha Stewart joint! If they could afford awesome marketing they wouldn’t be in the “Let’s just order Dominos and call it a night…” business…

    • McDonald’s advertising showcases lettuce and tomatos with water spritzing off of it – to make it appear that they’re washing their ingredients before they put them on your sandwich, but you know they aren’t….why do they do that – because of marketing/advertising…to make it appear that the food is “fresh”…my point is that Domino’s could have done a better job….so what, they’re not a Martha Stewart joint, but they could do better.

  2. You are so right about this bread bowl, it sort of reminds me about the lunch bowl that KFC was pushing on us a couple of years ago, you know the one with every heart attack enducing ingredient they could find….lol good job on this one Chris…lol

  3. Fair enough. I suppose they could have at least had someone dipping the bread into some sort of thick and rich dipping sauce, right before they sink their teeth into it with a few friends around, watching an exciting sporting event in front of a big screen or something.

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