What I know for Sure


I spent the weekend in Tampa, helping one of my fabulous girlfriends usher in her 30th birthday.  In total, there were four of use there, four friends whose bond started more than a decade ago, and who are ready, when necessary, to fall in-line whenever it’s time to be each others cheerleaders.

This weekend was special for a number of reasons – but the most special feeling that I am taking away is LOVE.  Being there to celebrate my friend’s 30th in style; being there to rally each other through life’s challenges; being there to build each other up about the power that we all have in this lifetime – that’s love.

On the plane ride home, I started thinking about my 30th birthday, and what I want to experience on that day…of course, as you get closer and closer to the big 3-0, the question posed to you time and time again is “what are you going to do for your 30th?” – so here, with my 7 regular readers as witnesses, I will declare that for my 30th birthday I just want to feel love.  I want to wake up with it, slip it on, walk around in it, and dab some on throughout the day.  I want to bring 30 in, the way I was bought into this world – with love.

DS Download:  Spending this weekend with my girlfriends was a reminder that love is what this life is really all about – that is something that I know for sure, in addition to the following:

• 30 is not the new 20 – and judging by some of the 20 years olds that I saw at the club this weekend, that’s OK, it might not be the new 20, but it is the new absolutely fabulous

•  There is nothing in the world that a sunny day, with the sun on your face, wind at your back, glass of white wine, cruising on the open water can’t cure…at least for a moment

•   Positivity is something that we all have to fight for

•   If my friend cries, I will cry too

•   Inspiration is right up there with love – and if your friends inspire you, on a constant basis, then you are TRULY blessed

•   Melanin can make black people overly confident in the sun, but we can and will burn – ouch! 

•   Life is beautiful, and it’s a blessing everyday that we’re here

•   Digital cameras have made me lazy, I know that I have at least one amazing picture that would capture my weekend…I will do my best to transfer it off of my camera, and post it this evening, check back soon!


3 thoughts on “What I know for Sure

  1. So you’re turning 30. For some peculiar reason, people seem to appraise age, particularly age 30, as the end of something wonderful that they can never enjoy again.

    Like what? The club? Please! I thoroughly disagree!

    In my view, turning 30 represents NEW opportunities. It represents opportunities to get things right that you got wrong before; to apply the lessons of life that you didn’t have in the past. It’s the opportunity to embark on new challenges that you probably wouldn’t have had the courage to embrace when you were younger, because you knew if you did it would probably wouldn’t have the wisdom to be successful in them. They would have ended in what my man Donald Trump would call…a TOTAL DISASTER and a CATASTROPHE!

    Trump is the man! I don’t care what anybody says!

    In a couple of weeks I plan to earn my long and hard earned Masters in Political Science. I’ve spent years studying history, government, business and the professional lives of the leaders that have achieved the greatest levels of success. One of the principal constants that all leaders seem to share is that their greatest hours never occur during their 20s. Presidents, Governors, members of Congress, mayors, CEOs, corporate board members and executives all indulge their finest hours well into their lives.

    Anyone who knows me wknows that I’m a huge boxing fan. Even fighters, whose bodies, typically, begin to decline after 30 often ascend to their greatest peaks after 30. From Ali, to Foreman, to Frazier, to Holyfield, to Lewis, to Mayweather, to Macquiao…they all fought their greatest fights post 30.

    It is only after they’ve experienced life, refined their strategies in it and surrounded themselves with other like minded personalities they will need — yes to inspire them — that great leaders reach the top.

    Turning 30 just means you’re one step closer to the mountain top, Babe!

    I’ve thought a lot about the conversation you and I had recently. I remember how ticked you were a few weeks ago when one of your classmates told you thaat you looked great…for your age. Don’t take this the wrong way…but, mentally, you seem 30. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING!! It truly is, Chrisitna! If you didn’t it would mean the last decade of your life was spent wastefully. It would mean you hadn’t grown, developed and blossomed into the kind of American lady you are ; )

    I pray — and sincerely believe — that your finest years all far into the future! True greatness takes time patent ; )

  2. Ah, the big 3-0! I remember mine like it was yesterday, in fact I was crying about it yesterday. When I turned 30, it was a beautiful experience. I had a BIG karaoke party at my house and soooo many people came. Was fabulous, however, what many didn’t know were the tears I’d shed that entire day and previous ones. My party ended at 3 or 4 in the morning. Within 3 hours, I was on the road driving to NC to bury my favorite cousin, who’d died right before my birthday. I visited him for months and watched him die slowly. When I think about my 30th, I’m happy and sad. Happy I felt loved. Happy my cousin is out of pain. Sad, because I miss him so. Every birthday I’m thankful, for so many reasons.

    I hope yours in memorable and that you get everything you want.

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