The Pooch

The Pooch

I got home from work last Friday and started thinking about persistence – and the award that waits on the other side of persistence….

Friday was a trying day.  The assistant called in sick and my group project was hitting some snags and I had had enough.  I started thinking that at the moment, I was sick of the concept of being persistent.  

Persistence to do my work so I can finish grad school, persistence to do my best at this job, while I stay optimistic that the next opportunity is right around the corner.   

I was discouraged, and I was sick of the persistence and perseverance that life was demanding…

So I went home, and decided to prepare myself a quick bite to eat before hitting the streets.  I went into the kitchen, and of course, my dog Riley was right at my heals – waiting persistently for something/ANYTHING to drop. 

Riley’s persistence is something I never REALLY got until Friday.  I never understood why Riley followed me around, knowing that I had no intention of giving him table food.  I would just look at him and think that he was wasting his time – and then, it happened.  I was warming up my chicken, and dipping my hand in the Tostitos bag for the next lime flavored chip, when one small chip fell through the grips of my fingers and hit the ground.  Riley devoured it and he paused, and looked at me with a look of sheer satisfaction on his face – as if to say do you understand now?

DS Download:  The look of pure bliss on my dog’s face was the payoff on the other side of his persistence.  Although he eats lamb food EVERY day, his determination and persistence tells him, that if he just stays right underneath my heal, one day, something will drop.  And Friday, my dog got to experience the sheer loveliness of a lime flavored Tostito.  I can only imagine the joy that bought to his heretofore limited taste buds.

Now, I get it.

Of course, wonderful things have dropped for all of us before – but as of late, many of us have been waiting for the next wonderful thing to drop.  We need our own version of a lime flavored Tostito to fall out of the sky and bless us with a totally different flavor.  And it will happen, we just can’t forget the persistence that’s required of us to never stop believing that it will happen!

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