While walking my dog on Wednesday, in the pouring rain, waiting for him to relieve himself I seriously started thinking about the Unsubscribe button.

I love the Unsubscribe button.  With one click I can tell a company that I no longer want to be contacted with free offers and special promotions – I can put my foot down and say NO MORE…and with the exception of Moveon.org, Unsubscribe really seems to work.  I know that it’s always going to be there, and I can go straight for it…if only it were that easy to unsubscribe from real life situations.  

I’m sure there are phone calls that you would like to unsubscribe from (but no, you have to pay an extra fee for that), and there are certain situations that you probably find yourself in that you would love to Unsubscribe from – it would just be so nice, if you always knew there was that button to push.   

I would like to advocate for an Unsubscribe button for life – there would be so many things that I would Unsubscribe from.

–  Standing in the rain waiting for my dog to relieve himself

–  Meetings that start at 4:30pm

–  Emails that start off as a mass note and turn into a back and forth conversation throughout the whole day between all that were originally copied

–  Going to the grocery store

–  Washing clothes

–  Being in the airport and sitting near someone who’s screaming into their cell phone

–  Getting a call from the front desk, saying I have a package, only to go downstairs and find out it’s my third solicitation from Easter Seals in one month

Yes – I would like to follow the SafeUnsubscribe instructions for all of those situations…and when asked for what reason, I would say agitation.  Of course, there wouldn’t really be a button – but perhaps, if we really started saying “Unsubscribe” people would immediately get it.  People often think when you say “no” that you can be convinced otherwise – but if you actually said “Unsubscribe” you would be saying, with certainty, that you never wanted to be bothered again.

DS Download:  If there are situations that you would like to Unsubscribe from, take this weekend to do just that.  In fact, if you’re confronted with something that you don’t want to do, or asked to go somewhere you don’t want to, just say “Unsubscribe.”

Have a fun weekend, unsubscribing, and doing whatever you want to do – if you can!

One thought on “Unsubscribe

  1. Unsubscribe…I suppose there are more chilling ways of telling someone or something to beat it.

    Now that I think about it, there are a handful of things I’d unsubscribe to.

    1) Over the top liberal or conservative political analysis and
    opinion. Let’s keep things in perspective people. Supporting a
    2% sales tax on services does not make somebody a
    socialist! Nor does supporting border security or stronger
    enforcement of immigration laws make somebody a racist.
    Gimme a break!

    2) Drunken alcohol breathe! If you want to drink fine. Just bring
    some mints, or at least be decent enough to accept one…Geez!

    3) Hearing a thousand and one disrespectful ways to describe
    a sexual experience with a woman. If she was nice enough to
    share herself with you, at least describe it with a bit more class
    than how you “smashed” or “banged” or “beat it up.”

    4) Visiting job websites posting cool jobs with only 1 or 2
    vacancies and that you know are going to be flooded with a
    thousand and one resumes, but that you know is going to
    somebody with the hook up anyway! I’d much rather just
    read, “No. We’re still not hiring and won’t be for a long

    5) The sudden “adjustments” to the APRs on my charge accounts,
    even though I’ve been the least of your worries through the
    years! Why not just say, “We screwed up, and we have to
    raise rates to maintain. We know…we suck!”

    You know what…thanks! I think I needed that!

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