The Stanky Leg

I’ll start this post with the story of how last night ended.  I found myself at a lounge with my dearest friends trying to figure out how to do the new dance The Stanky Leg – one of my girlfriends had it down, the other sort of looked on in interest, and I remember taking in the moment and recounting how we’ve been there for each other through many variations of The Stanky Leg.

In the past, we’ve stumbled through The Soldier Boy, pumped the motorcycle to It’s Going Down, called out the story of the Overnight Scenario, danced side by side as we tried to learn the Cha-Cha Slide…you name the dance, and we’ve been out there cutting it up, together.

I promise that the night didn’t start off on a sentimental note – It started off at a local wine bar – two long time friends catching up on each other’s lives…and progressed to our favorite neighborhood spot, Evolve…It was in the cab, on the way to Evolve that sentiment kicked in.

The cab driver told us the story of taking his 17 year old son to VCU for college consideration, he then started asking us about our college experience – where we went to school, what we majored in, what we thought of our experience, etc.  As I set in the back seat of the cab with my roommate from college, and was on the way to meet another one of my close friends from college, I thought to myself – this is what college meant to us; the fact that 12 years later, we’re still enjoying each others company is a powerful thing, it speaks to the love we have for each other, and the experience we had at our Home by the Sea.

DS Download:  Aside from education, the biggest thing that my friends and I took away from college was friendship; friendships that haven’t always been easy, but that have withstood the test of time.

As I watched my girlfriends try to do The Stanky Leg, I thought to myself that it will be a privilege to see each other through whatever life brings – marriage, children, career changes, difficulties, triumphs…we will go through it together. 

Watching the seeds that were sown at Hampton bare fruit has been a blessing…because of those seeds I’ve become a godmother; because of those seeds I’ve had the honor of standing before god to support a friend in marriage; because of those seeds I understand that friendship is about being tested, and being there in good times and in bad.  I look forward to being there through it all.    

On this Good Friday, I propose that we thank God for the gift of friendship, the power that it holds, and the promise that it gives us to become better people.

Happy Easter!


6 thoughts on “The Stanky Leg

  1. Christina – despite your belief that you only have five faithful followers, I take great interest in your blog. You have real talent! I have laughed out loud at a few and today, got a little teary eyed as I too reflect on the friendships I made at our Home by the Sea. Thank you for reminding me how lucky and blessed we are, in so many ways!

    Keep em coming! Have a great Easter!

  2. Tamicka (above) sent this along to me and I’m so glad!! I can’t wait to follow your blog and keep up with the words of a fellow Hamptonian. Keep writing . . .and I’ll keep reading! All the best!

  3. Honestly I know my Hampton friendships will stand the test of time. We have already been through so many things together. My fraternity motto is “Friendship is essential to the soul”, and in these hard times lord knows everyone could use a friend.

    Thank You Jesus I have friends….

  4. As one of the faithful 5 and a member of the Home by the Sea, I wanna echo these sentiments. Sometimes it amazes me how long we’ve known each other! Many more years to come! …PS..I saw that Stanky Leg display that nite…HILARIOUS!! LOVE YOU GUYS! 🙂

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