Making Up Your Own Words

It was one of those moments that you never forget in life…it was a nice day, I was sitting around the table with my cousin and my mom and Michael Jackson’s Pretty Young Thing came on.  We were all singing along – of course, I was singing louder, and when the song got to the break, I screamed out

“I want to love you P-Y-T pretty young thing, you need some loving X-Y-Z tender loving girl”…and then, there was silence, staring, and laughter!

Of course, I indignantly stopped and asked what the problem was….and it was in that moment that I learned that, in fact, the words were “T-L-C tender loving care.”

I was shocked…what do you mean he wasn’t saying “X-Y-Z”…X-Y-Z just felt so right.  It came naturally to me – but those were my words, not Michael’s.

DS Download:  I guess there are a whole bunch of metaphors to be drawn from making up your own words to songs.  If you’re one of the people that regularly does this – perhaps you march to the beat of your own drum in general, maybe you’re always stepping into situations and making them yours…or maybe, as my friend Chris would say, you just don’t give a hell!

I say, keep making up your own lyrics.  In fact, when people attempt to correct you – keep using your lyrics.  It’s all about making the song yours…a perfect metaphor to end on, and to get us all through the remainder of the week. 

Good luck out there.

4 thoughts on “Making Up Your Own Words

  1. I think you’re the only one I know that could – or would even think – to try to pull this one off. Why not ; )

  2. X-Y-Z is so you!! LOL I feel like this is a conversation we’ve had before :O) Its hard to sing the new words when your version is stuck in your head … Haha I’ll be laughing about this for a while

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