When life gives you lemons….

…drive to the store buy three bottles of cabernet, 1 cup of white sugar, 1 cup of OJ, 1 cup of mango juice, 1 ½ cups of light rum, the juice of two limes, 1 orange peeled seeded and roughly chopped, 1 12 oz can of pineapple chunks (juice and all), add your sliced lemon….

….and make Sangria.

Have you ever got the feeling that you were being tested?  That some strong force in the universe was doing its best to TRY you?  Today must be my day. 

If dropping my keys down the two inch space that opens up to the elevator shaft AND the fact that my flat screen TV just broke is not a test then I’m not sure what is. 

Watching my keys do a pirouette down the elevator shaft was a shocking moment – shocking because it’s one of those moments I’ve secretly feared forever…a moment that I’ve told myself could never happen – so to watch my keys move so seamlessly through such a small space left me speechless.  I guess I wasn’t totally speechless, a couple of people looked on as I shrieked YIPES at the top of my lungs.  Everyone was horrified. 

And the TV breaking well that’s just life being cruel….perhaps its pissed that I broke it off with cable (see previous post)…or even worse PERHAPS its paying me back for breaking it off with cable prematurely.  One of the reasons I ended the relationship with cable is because I thought the TV was acting funny due to a glitch with the cable box….but all along it was the TV.

As I’m proverbially curled in the fetal position, and literally drinking a glass of red wine – sans lemons – I’m looking for the lesson. 

I’m listening hard to the universe right now as I have no choice.  My TV is broken, and I’m afraid to turn on my Harman Kardon speakers for fear they might be on the outs too…so it’s quiet…and I think I hear the universe telling me that I HAVE NO CONTROL. 

DS Download:  Maybe sometimes the universe has to remind us of this?  Perhaps I should have known this already – I’ve watched a lot of people that I love realize that they had no control over what was happening to them – I watched them deal with what life gave them, and take tough times in stride.   As life throws us tough times, we will try our best to process them…because tough times don’t last but tough people do…and as life throws us lemons – we will make Sangria. 

I can guarantee the Sangria recipe above will cause ALL involved to have a good time.

2 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons….

  1. And what if you don’t drink? What are you left to concoct to make the best of the worst? The keys down the shaft is tragic. One of those moments where you say, “Why didn’t i just step a little to the left? Not scratch my arm at that exact moment? Read that stupid elevator license instead of pay attention to my keys?” It’s that moment that your brain knows something is wrong just a split second before you pull the door shut and lock yourself out of your apartment. It’s tragic and unavoidable. For me, those moments are there to tell me to pay attention and get in the present; get out of my own head. To stop worrying about stupid things so much and be in the moment. Then again, maybe I’m just having an airhead moment. That happens too.

  2. ‘Why?’ There are few more fair, and yet seemingly discarded questions we ask God. “Why did that just happen?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

    I’m doing a paper for my graduate course in political philosophy at the moment, and the subject of the paper centers around the Book of Job. If there were ever a haunted soul who was justified in posing the question of ‘why’, it was this poor bastard. There are so many themes the story presents, and so many of them can apply to any number of conflicts in our lives. However, I would argue that one of the central themes in the story is that of perspective.

    I can sincerely appreciate your experience this week. Last summer, I lost my cell phone…only weeks after my AC blew out…only to find out it was going to cost $1200 I didn’t have to repair…which was about how much I spent on slurpees trying to keep myself cool on my 75 mile drive to school each week.

    You’re absolutely right…there are moments when life tests us, just like it tested it Job. So try to do what’s worked for me – keep it all in perspective. Would you have rather lost the keys for A DAY or the car for WEEKS after an accident – God forbid? Life without television can make for a stunning adjustment when you’re so used to it. I’ve been there too. But trust me when I tell you that life inside a heated or air-conditioned home with no televsion is better – and far less expensive, I might add – than 90 minutes in 100+ degrees with no A/C!

    That may or not help, but when the storm clears let us know what you’ve learned from it all. I’m sure when it does the rainbow will end up right on your porch with a pot of who knows what kind of humilty, which is of far greater value than gold ; )

    At least that’s how it [kind of] turned out for Job, anyway…

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