Love it Enough to Let it Go

This weekend I ended my relationship with Cable – more specifically, the movie channels (HBO, Showtime etc).  My relationship with Cable had become one sided and I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Over the years I noticed things that I just couldn’t shake.  There was always a sneaking suspicion that Cable only cared about playing the movies that it wanted to see – it never seemed to be concerned with what I was interested in, and that hurt. 

Even though I gave Cable my time and devotion, and paid my bill on time, that still wasn’t enough to inspire Cable to get its act together. 

To be fair, there were good times.  There was that one night when The Great Debaters, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Definitely, Maybe played in succession BUT this was not consistent – nothing about our relationship was consistent.

I was hoping that the good days would offer glimpses into Cable’s true personality…that there was something deeper – that one day, there would be an abundance of quality movies for me to see ALL THE TIME.  But it just was not so.  It usually happened like this:  I would be in the mood for a new movie and Cable would insist on playing Braveheart or Forrest Gump; I would be in the mood for a good chick-flick and Cable would insist on showcasing a 3 hour, Oscar De La Hoya boxing event on HBO. 

Towards the end we just felt like oil and water.  I guess, in a way, we just grew a part.   

DS Download:  Of course, Cable is a metaphor for the one-sided relationships that all of us have or have had in our lives.  The good news is that we have the power to end those one sided relationships.  Use my recent break up with Cable to consider the one-sided relationships in your life.  If you feel that you’re giving to no avail, perhaps you should choose to love the person, like I loved cable …it was great for a spell, but at some point, I had to let it go.

4 thoughts on “Love it Enough to Let it Go

  1. LOL. I broke up with my Cable girl back in October. All I need is ESPN, Discovery, a video channel, Home & Garden Shows and maybe VH-1 so I can watch a little bit of trash TV. But for $100+ it just was not worth it to me. I’m searching for a less expensive date so let me know if you can hook me up with someone new. I heard FiOS is a good date! LOL

  2. I wholeheartedly concur. I have been at the point for the last 6 months now… I don’t really want to go, and I really don’t want to stay, just hoping they can get it together. Lately the good days seem far and few between.

  3. You know…I understand where you were coming from. Maybe Cable “just wasn’t that into you”…LOL! My Cable sweetheart and I have an absolutely wonderful relationship! I don’t consider myself a cheap guy by any means, my Cable has saved me quite a bit of money over the past few years. She really knows how to keep in the house and not spending money I don’t need to these days.

    She could use a little work at the movie gym, too. However, I’d be lying if I said that the HBO fights, HBO Real Sports, HBO documentaries, ESPN and other TNT sporting events critical components of the strength of our relationship. My God! Where I be without FSN to catch my home Laker games?!

    Add to that the intellectual programming. As a graduate student of Political Science, I can’t imagine my life without the History Channel, Discovery, A&E, IE the other PBS stations and other true crime channels the air programming, such as City Confidential, 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline. Then there’s her news programming. I have to admit, she is full of a lot of opinions on her news, but as a grad student in my field, it still finds itself very helpful.

    Maybe you could try one of the other Cable guys I know, like DVR, TiVo or FiOS. My Cable sweetheart has DVR, and it allows me to record and save all kinds of stuff that airs when I’m not around. Then I have all kinds of stuff to choose from later…check it out!

    Then again…there’s always a good book, right?

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