Thankful for Small Things

The thought of being thankful for small things popped in my mind as I was lamenting the very limited sense of smell and taste I’m experiencing because of allergy season.  

My ah-ha moment really made me stop and think about how much we should all appreciate our sense of smell.  It’s tied to our sense of taste and it directly affects our ability to enjoy a meal, or a beautiful glass of wine.  It tells us that we are hungry, and sends a message to our brain that we are satisfied with what we are experiencing.
Of all the things we think to be thankful for on a daily basis, our ability to smell should definitely be added to that list.  Although we cringe at the foul smells we encounter, we should be thankful for them, because our ability to sense the offensive smells gives us the ability to sense the smells that transport us to a different place…the smells that remind us of home, or the love we received from people that meant everything to us. 

During the time I lived in New York City I smelled horrible, violating odors on a daily basis…but it absolutely never crossed my mind to attempt to appreciate those smells.  It never crossed my mind to stop, in that moment, and say to myself, If I didn’t have the ability to soak up this sickening smell, I wouldn’t be able to make room for the lovely ones.   

DS Download:  So, on this Friday, I would like to leave my five loyal readers with the following – when you’re in the midst of smelling the bad stuff, try to think of it as preparation for smelling the good stuff.  It’s life’s way of forcing us to understand balance…and that’s what so much of life is about.  We can’t have the good without digesting the bad.  We find this in relationships, on our jobs etc.  Take a minute today to truly appreciate your sense of smell, or whatever it is that you take for granted.  And please, if you talk to me this weekend, and find me complaining about something – be sure to tell me to do the same!


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