A Spring Break For All

I know that President Obama has his hands full with the economic crisis; however, I would like to petition the Obama administration for one more thing – a Spring Break Holiday for all working American Citizens.

Yes, I was once a college student, and yes, I once took part in the rite of passage known as Spring Break; however it is only now, that I’m almost 30 that I can truly say that Spring Break is a ritual that would be better appreciated by those in the work force. 

What does a college student need a break from?

I could not stop thinking about that question last week during the “Spring Break” I had from my graduate course of study.  I actually had a couple of people in my class on Monday ask me what I did for Spring Break.  I was slightly puzzled by this question….I worked.  Apparently, Georgetown thought it was apporpriate for me to be on Spring Break but my employer did not.   

I remember being a college student, coming back from Spring Break and feeling as though the reset button had been pressed.  So many of us need to press the re-set button, but we are unable to because of work commitments.  Spring Break for the working class would produce better business owners, directors, managers, assistants – you name it. 

Europeans absolutely get it when it comes to vacation or “holiday” as they call it.  They don’t see offering a month of paid vacation as a bad investment, they see it as investing in the sanity of their employees; employees, that will then be appreciative of that investment and communicate happiness via performance. 

DS Download:  One of life’s true-isms is reciprocity…reciprocity creates good karma, and good will amongst people, entities etc.  If companies and employees could stop viewing each other as a means to an end, we would all be better off.  Therefore, I say, we write to our congressman and demand a Spring Holiday for all working Americans!  And, if that’s a bit un-realistic to do – in light of the more important things happening in our country and across the world – we can at least dream of a day, when all American Citizens, regardless of age, or academic station will receive a Spring Holiday.

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