Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding chili powder

Never forget how important it is to laugh at yourself.

Last Friday, a craving for chili inspired me to put on my Rachael Ray hat and whip something together.  I thought to myself “how hard could this be?”….meat, tomatoes, beans, onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream, seasoning…nothing foreign to me.  I went to the store, bought my ingredients, came home and got to work.  I made swift work of the chili but, my finished product was sub-par.  I couldn’t figure out what was missing….I felt like I was eating a bowl of super thick spaghetti sauce. 

Fast forward to Sunday night.

I’m at a dinner party, and I’m telling two of my dearest friends about this mediocre chili that tasted like spaghetti sauce…and then, almost in unison they turned to me and asked “did you add chili powder?”

What a simple question; “did I add chili powder?”

In that instance, I experienced my own little shock and awe moment.  Chili powder was the answer, plain and simple.  I was trying to attribute so many complicated things to this chili recipe.  I thought that maybe I needed to find an old family recipe; that I used the wrong kind of beans, or that I should have used ground beef instead of ground turkey – but all along, it was the chili powder.  To add insult to injury, I gave my mother the biggest laugh of her life when I told her about the incident and explained that I had no idea that the name of the dish – “chili” – referred to the spice…this whole time I’ve been thinking that chili got its name because it was a cold weather comfort food (like…it’s chilly outside, maybe i’ll have some chili – yikes).  I think my mother laughed so hard that we got disconnected. 

DS Download:  Sometimes we search for deeper meaning in situations when there is no deeper meaning to be found; it gives us hope, it validates our neurosis, and gives us questions to ponder and debate.  But sometimes, answers to tough questions in life are just as simple as adding chili powder – nothing more, nothing less.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding chili powder

  1. LOL….because its cold outside….LOL!

    I can’t laugh to hard. When I was a freshman at Hampton I attempted to use my vocal pipes and sing in the choir. They would tell me I needed to “sing on key.” So I did…or at least I thought I was. To me “singing on key” meant as soon as the piano player touched one of the piano keys I was supposed to start singing….”Singing on Key, right.” It was years later that I learned that there are different octaves/tones to sing in. I still laugh at myself…LOL.

    Keep it up Christina…this is a good read throughout the day!

  2. Chili outside!!! That is classic. Congrats on the blog. I will add it to my lunch readings. The DS Download was definitely on point.

  3. But it smelled oh so good!!!…can’t believe it didn’t come out. But I guess if you didn’t add chil powder to chili, then it wouldn’t taste like chili..but like I said, it smelled great!!!

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