Why do cars encourage perfectly normal people to stick their finger in their nose?

A couple of weeks ago I was driving down Wisconsin Avenue, and while I was stopped at a red light I looked in my rear view mirror to find the gentleman in the car behind me with his index finger firmly inserted in his nose. 

I’m talking at least 1/3rd of his finger.

As I reluctantly watched (it was like a train wreck, hard to look away) this man go to town on his nose it made me think back to the other times I’ve caught people in the act of inserting their finger in their nose and it made me think of the following:  Under normal circumstances people will not pick their nose in public, however, if they are in their car – all bets are off.

What is it about our cars that make us feel so comfortable?  Wait, I’m sorry, not us – of course, I’ve never inserted my finger in my nose while driving…really…<insert uncomfortable pause here>

DS Download:  It’s as if our cars create a force-field that allows us to revert back to the days when we thought we were invisible; like a child that covers their eyes and thinks that because they can’t see you – you can’t see them.  Our cars are our last bastion of that child-like freedom of being able to do what we want to do.  Inserting your finger in your nose is a risky proposition…just like texting while driving – but the boldness of the move says a lot about the person that commits the act:

1.  They are social risk-takers
2.  They could care less about making you feel comfortable
3.  The cleanliness of their nose it a TOP priority, and they will conduct that maintenance anywhere that is necessary to do so.


3 thoughts on “Why do cars encourage perfectly normal people to stick their finger in their nose?

  1. Christina…now you know that you also stick your finger up your nose while in the car! In fact, I bet it was you who was picking their nose and got caught by another driver…LOL. This is good stuff…you have talent…I hope you pursue this a possible career option (writing, not picking your nose)

  2. At least he wasn’t wishy washy about it – it was, as you said, firmly inserted in his nose.
    And the beauty of this is within your “awkward pause insertion” i can see your face. And I’m laughing, out loud, and i’ve had to retype this a few times because my chuckle is near violent.

  3. This was so funny and very true. I can’t say why WE (yeah, I’m putting myself in the Adventures of The Car Nose Inspectors crew) do that. I’ve never had the whole finger in there, but it’s very odd to me that I’d wait, until I’m in my car to pull down my sun visor mirror and take a peek…LOL WHY?!!!

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