Hello My Name is Christina, and I Have Introduction Anxiety!

Introduction anxiety is something that happens to me on a recurring basis.  Here’s how:  I’m enjoying a lovely day with my closest friends, when i’m suddenly approached by someone who needs to be introduced to the entire group – it’s right at that exact moment where the anxiety kicks in.  In that instance, it seems that all parties turn to me and patiently wait for their introduction…what kind of horribly awkward situation is this??  If it were up to me people would have name tags stuck to their foreheads at all times, with each person’s name written in a font that gave me a hint about their personality:

Times New Roman – boring and extremely serious, run away now
Garamond – adventurous but only kind of
Arial – show off
Arial Narrow – probably doesn’t laugh at jokes and most certainly doesn’t drink alcohol
Comic Sans – probably thinks they are really funny and started a blog as an outlet

DS Download:  Some of the most awkward moments of my life have occurred in the midst of group introductions…I picture myself, on an introduction roll when i’m suddenly stumped by the name of my first cousin!  Moving forward, I would like the five people that regularly read my blog to note that the process for introductions has changed – moving forward all introductions must be scheduled in advance – this way I can accept, deny or unsubscribe from these situations all together.


2 thoughts on “Hello My Name is Christina, and I Have Introduction Anxiety!

  1. LOL. now i am going to start paying attention when you have to introduce people, because i never noticed that before. I am bad when its comes to introducing somebody and i can’t remember their names to save my life. I just continue on with the conversation until somebody interjects and says ” you are so rude you didn’t even introduce us”….I know that is bad but less stress on my part. lol once again.

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