If My Salary is Cut, Would My Work Get Cut By the Same Percentage?

I’ve been pondering this question as I work for an organization that’s considering pay cuts, as opposed to picking and choosing who is expendable.  So, let’s say my salary was cut by 15%, how would I then go about determining how to cut 15% of my work?  Where would I even start?  Perhaps I could deliver a partial marketing plan, or I could only write the first 85% of a sales piece.  Maybe I could even take 15% less questions or 15 % less hassle from my boss and co-workers.  How do I figure out how to give 15% less??  I can just imagine the voicemail greeting that I would program:

“Hello, I’m currently away from my desk, please leave your name, number, and a brief message and I might get back to you.  My pay has been cut by 15% so I will just have to see what I’m up for.”

DS Download:  Pondering all of this brings me to the following conclusion – an answer that life has constantly given me over the years, which is – there is no “tit for tat” in life because life is just not that simple.  It’s not as simple as you cut my salary by X amount, and I will do X amount less;  it’s about what am I going to do with the curve ball that life might throw my way.  This entire economic situation is a vicious curve ball.  It’s forcing people to change careers, take pay-cuts, leave their jobs, and take on a different type of lifestyle – it’s all very overwhelming and that’s why i’m searching for a silver lining.  I’m pretty sure that the only good thing about these rough times is that they are taking us back to basics.  What’s important?  Is it money, status, jewelry, and vacations, or is it love, family, values you hold true, and being able to look in the mirror every day?  In fact, getting back to basics is what i’m striving for as I stare 30 directly in the face.  Yikes

Relaxation tip…if you’re stressed, or feeling overwhelmed, go to Pandora.com and create a “Novabossa” station – its very smooth, relaxing music…makes you feel like you’re on a staycation 🙂


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