Rage Against The Machine: A Digital Camera To Be Exact!

I’m on the hunt for a new digital camera, and today’s post is more of a plea – can anyone out there tell me with certainty what kind of digital camera I should get? I want to be able to take nice blog pictures, capture good memories and have crystal clear photos! And, I would like to spend $150, or $200 at the most! I was thinking about getting the Canon Powershot SD870 IS. The online reviews said that the Powershot SD 870 was excellent, and that its only drawback was the fact that it didn’t have an Optical View Finder…for those of you who are like me, and have no clue what that is, it’s the hole you look through (or used to look through in the old days) to take a picture – as opposed to taking a picture from the image you see on the LCD display.


The entire process of looking for a new camera, and wading through all of the options reminds me of how I feel when someone puts an extensive wine list in front of me – I don’t want to see 75 wine choices; I just need to know if you have a Riesling and a nice Sauvignon Blanc OR if you have a good Syrah or Montepulciano. If I’m going to step out of my comfort zone, I need someone to lead me to water – a bit of hand-holding if you will.

I’m definitely looking forward to all of the cool things that I will be able to do with my camera but, I’m mostly concerned with whether or not they’ve invented anything that will actually inspire me to take the photos off of my camera? I guess that comes separate 🙂

DS Download: Even though the process of transferring pictures from your camera to your computer/digital photo album can be a TOTAL pain investing in a nice camera just makes sense. As I approach 30 I’m starting to think of the way I will tell my story to my kids (that I don’t have at the moment, and don’t plan on having in the very near future). I imagine my child/children looking at me with frustration upon learning that my photos abruptly stop after college, and pick up the day they are born.  Photos capture precious memories; memories for future generations to emerge themselves in. Knowing all of this, I will yield to the machine.


4 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine: A Digital Camera To Be Exact!

  1. I never looked at it from the angle of sharing with your kids when you take photos. Good thing I have mine always. Invest in the good camera. It makes a world of difference. I have a wonderful one – Casio Exilim. Huge screen, great quality, easy to use.

  2. Hiyah! My BFF Kris sent me your blog. Cute, very. I consider myself to be quite the techy, so for a novice, I’d recommend the Casio Exilim. It’s in your price range, relatively easy to learn, and for a sweet added bonus, it has video (with audio) recording capabilities. They come in lots of colors. Depending on your computer, you can remove the memory card from your camera and insert it directly into your PC and tada, the uploads begin.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I’ve owned the Canon SD 450 and recently upgraded to the SD1100 IS. I’m pleased with the Canon products. They are easy to use. Just take photos and transfer to you CPU using an SD slot or SD/USB adapter. I take pics and go to the CVS and develop them.

    Glad to see you recognize the importance of capturing memories for future generations.

  4. Sorta kinda off topic but….. get a mac. It makes getting photos from the camera ridiculously easy and organizes them. You could make a photo book and have it shipped in 10 min. Did you get a camera yet? Canon’s are great. I have an SX100 and I love it…it has great video too.

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