The Perpetual Job Search: First Edition

Am I the only person that feels like I’ve been looking for a job for two years? I hope not. It’s slightly embarrassing when someone that you met last summer asks you about your prospects, and your response is a blank stare. If by prospects, you mean advice like “be sure to go to and apply online” or “make a list of the top 7 companies where you would like to work and think about the connections you may have at each company,” then sure, I’ve got prospects. Do I have real leads? – kind of; do I have faith and optimism in abundance? Absolutely. Without faith, and optimism in this market – what do you have left?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great interviews – in person and over the phone – where I’m sure I presented myself well….so well, that the person that I interviewed with told me to stay in touch and that they would be my internal advocate. Ahh, so close, yet so far away. Every Sunday morning, I think to myself “this will be the week; the week that I get the phone call that will change the trajectory of my career”….and I will continue to keep that optimism. So, NPR, CPB, The Atlantic…if you’re reading….I know I’m a contender!

DS Download: I refuse to let this economy beat me. It may take a while, but I will beat this economy. A favorite quote from my Dad is this: Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. Stay tuned for job search updates!


4 thoughts on “The Perpetual Job Search: First Edition

  1. You really did a nice job articulating the frustrations that are felt in today’s working society where it’s not “what you know, but who you know”… if i can take that phrase a step further I believe ” it’s not who you know, but who KNOWS YOU”… In this world we live in of instant celebrity it’s funny to see people name drop or act like they know people when the people have the slightest clue as to who they are… Enough of that rant, The best advice i can tell you will come in the form of a short synopsis of my professional career…

    When i graduated from college the job market was as dismal as its current conditions are.. I put in application after application, went to every mixer and networking event at all bars and lounges across the city.. So many that i could tell you which type bar nuts each place served…. All this networking to no avail, after months of following everyone else’s advice i was no further along in my job search. It wasn’t like i was looking to become the CEO of Lockheed, i just wanted a job that I could grow in and experience steady progression. Months pasted and I still was making no significant progress, so you know what i did?? I designed a plan, I made a list of all prospective companies that I wanted to work for and I called all them and told them I wanted to work for free… I know you can’t offer your services for free, however the mere fact the I offered to work for free peaked their interest. To make a long story short, i started at the company as a paid intern and after four months became a full time employee.. though I no longer work with the company, i told you the shorter version of that story to let you know that in this type environment you have to devise a plan that is unique for the times.. You have to go against the grain and get creative. I don’t know you like that but from reading your blogs i sense you have a great deal of creativity… release yourself from the normal job hunting techniques and carve your own path… I will be checking..if you have comments you can

  2. I saw on face book that you were doing this and I know like two other ppl that have blogs/ websites because it is good to air things out and know that you are not the only one going through what you go through….So,when I read this blog I said thank you Jesus because unfortunately, I am going through the same thing. I went from leaving Hampton to a dream job in NYC to leaving and becoming the Executive Director of a thriving youth organization to moving back to NYC after marriage where my husband has a great job and I don’t. It is such a frustration because I have been to the job fairs with 5,000 people in a line wrapped around the block thinking to myself so this is what a recession looks like and the people look highly qualified from possible CEO’S to maintenance. I have had awesome interviews like for the job I thought I was going to have when I got here only to find out that they had been effected by the economy..It is crazy out here or as they stated in the movie Hustle and flow ” It’s hard out here for a pimp”. Irregardless, I am no housewife type to just sit up in the house cook, clean, and twiddle my thumbs. I am getting out and doing what I gotta do. I guess it is all about keeping active- I have been volunteering at non profits and trying to keep a positive attitude although it is not easy..but it also helps that you are sharing your experience too….. We just gotta keep our heads up and keep on pushing.

  3. Its also very good to remember that things happen in God’s time, not ours. So stay faithful and patient, something fabulous is coming. And I am indeed heeding my own was so tough to move down here and have my college degree and experience seem so insignificant but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and in perfect season!!

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