The Postman Always Rings After 6pm

The title of this post is a take-off of a 1946 movie entitled The Postman Always Rings Twice, starring Lana Turner and John Garfield. It was all about a torrid love affair that led to murder, put it in your Netflix cue…

This entry is about my torrid relationship with my postman that frequently meets me for a late rendezvous at the mail boxes in my building; just as I’m getting home from work (around 6pm), and I’m on a mission to collect my mail, he’s also there just beginning to sort mail. You can see where this could be a problem, double-yikes. Although the post office has never extended a time of day guarantee for regular mail, I would just like to state – for the record, that 6pm seems late.
Perhaps apartment dwellers are doomed to this fate; to always be second class citizens in the hierarchy of mail delivery. It’s very unfortunate because at the end of a long day, all I want to do is pick up my mail and cringe at the bills I must pay and the charities I’m being asked to contribute to. Apparently, I’m asking for too much to get my mail by 5:30pm. But that’s okay, occasionally in life we ask for too much…hot water in the winter, a mate that can read and write, compensation that’s in-line with the actual work that we do – need I say more?

DS Download: I suppose, in the grand scheme of things I can deal with my postman coming after 6pm and be appreciative of the fact that the postman is still required to sort mail; who knows what type of changes we can anticipate from the post office given the fragility of every other industry. I’m sure the post office is dealing with cut-backs that I don’t even know about. In the meanwhile, I will take this in stride and Relax – Relate – Release (Whitley Gilbert, A Different World)


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